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Jasmine Eco Estate -The Alternative way of living

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Jasmine Eco Estate provides eco-sustainable housing, aligning our designs, structures, and services in harmony with nature and the environment.

The concept is an alternative way of living. It is best suited for individuals and families who are looking to live in a peaceful atmosphere. It utilizes an eco-friendly concept that provides affordable shelter. The estate uses a holistic approach, by integrating technology to achieve social betterment and also climate change.

Jasmine Eco Estate is an inclusive, diverse  community with affordable, future-proof housing is an essential element.

Improving the lives of residents, their local community, country, and ultimately the world at large.

The circular economy within the concept also helps to combat waste management by converting waste generated into usable energy for cooking, heating, and electricity.

Daycare facilities & homeschooling centre facility within the Estate.

Jasmine Eco Estate has a diverse program that fulfils  both the majority of services expected in a city and ambitious sustainability goals.  Diverse housing, care, schools, entertainment, production and working are mixed,  in a lively and diverse habitat.


The Estate regenerates with nature, and our relationship with the natural environment.

It is entirely self sufficient in terms of  food, energy, water, and waste processing,  relying 100% on ecosystem services.

We also apply innovative solutions in agriculture and resource management, and use climate-adaptive strategies which integrates agroforestry, permaculture principles, circular greenhouses and aquaculture in diverse production areas. 

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