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Detached Homes & Villas made from special polystyrene.

Light weight & easy to assemble

Exceptionally durable homes and rust free. 

Our Dome homes are resistant to disasters such as Earthquakes, typhoons, hail storms etc. Our domes are eco-friendly and affordable. 

Whether it’s your first home, or self build, we have the right home for you.

No long delays or unforeseen costs. The high thermal insulation properties protect it from the impact of outside temperatures, so it has the energy-saving effect of allowing indoor temperature control with less energy.

Moreover, the dome shape makes heat loss very small, further increasing the energy-saving effect.

A dome house that expresses the warm texture and simplicity of a stone building. A special polystyrene material skilfully used to create an exterior that evokes images of fences, masonry-style walls, and masonry-style roofs.

Although it is extremely difficult to make with ordinary housing construction methods and materials, the Dome House is made of materials that are easy to process and basically has a round dome body, protruding windows, and a skylight in the center.

This unique style is perfect for those who are not satisfied with conventional residential architecture.

Our Domes can be used for Daycare facilities, clinics, office, student accommodations, green houses and so much more. 

One of the characteristics of expanded polystyrene is its high resistance to compressive force. On top of that, the solid dome structure and round shape gives it excellent adaptability.

Dome houses are extremely airtight and boast incredible insulation, making them the perfect building for mushroom cultivation, which requires delicate temperature and humidity control and airtightness.

By using dome houses, it is now possible to cultivate healthy, high-quality mushrooms, which have been difficult to grow until now

You can design the interior of your Dome unit as you please. 

The Dome is aesthetically pleasing and spacious. A space that is simple yet pleasing that gives you a sense of dignity. 

The Dome House is constructed by assembling the pieces. Each piece weighs only 70 kg, so the work is easy and can be accomplished in about seven days by three or four people. (Construction time will vary depending on location and weather.)

The walls with gently curved surfaces are unique to the Dome House. It is possible to divide the rooms finely according to purpose, or to use it widely without dividing it, creating a unique space that is unique and creates a unique lifestyle.

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