1000W Portable Power Station


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CE-P1000CS Battery Storage Portable Power Station

  • 100W high-power PD output
  • Safety LFP battery built inside
  • DC/PV input with MPPT function to charge the battery
  • High power factor portable inverter with pure sine wave output
  • Bi-directional inverter that supports AC fast charging within 99mins to full capacity

CE-P1000CS Battery Storage Portable Power Station

CHISAGE portable power station based on lithium-ion batteries, which output USB, Type-C, DC, and AC, supports a common power interface and a common voltage range. Covering almost all kinds of small and medium-sized digital equipment, household appliances, and onboard emergency appliances. It is an indoor-outdoor multi-purpose power supply that provides backup power for outdoor travel, frequent power outages, and no power area. It can even be used to store energy from the sun for a long time in areas outside the city.

Model CE-P600CS CE-P1000CS
Battery Type LiFePO4
Battery Nominal Voltage (V) 22.4
Battery Operation Voltage (V) 18.2~26
Battery Nominal Capacity (Wh) 672 1,008
Nominal Charge Current (A) 25 36
Nominal Discharge Current (A) 30 45
Max. Discharge Current (A) 30 45
Life Cycles >2000@25°C, 1C discharge
AC Input
AC Charge Power (W) 480 800
Nominal Voltage (V) 110 220 110 220
Voltage Range (V) 90~140 180~260 90~140 180~260
Nominal Frequency (Hz) 60 50 60 50
Frequency Range (V) 55~65 45~55 55~65 45~55
Power Factor >0.99@max. charging power
DC Input
Max. Car Charge Input Power (W) 120
Max. Solar Charge Input Power (W) 200
DC Input Voltage Range (V) 10~30
Max. DC Input Current (A) 10
AC Output
Nominal AC Power (W) 600 1,000
Surge Power (W) 1,800 3,000
Nominal Grid Voltage (W) 110 220 110 220
Nominal Grid Frequency (W) 60 50 60 50
Nominal AC Current (A) 5.5 2.7 9 4.5
DC Output
USB-A (x1) 5V/2.4A
QC3.0 (x2) 5V/2.4A, 9V/2.4A, 12V/2.4A
USB-TypeC (x2) 5V/5A, 9V/5A, 12V/5A, 20V/5A
Car Port (x1) 13.6V/10A
DC Port (x2) 13.6V/10A
Car & DC Port Total Max. Power (W) 136
Wireless Charger 10W
LED Light 3W
Max. Battery to AC Efficiency (%) 92.5 93 92.5 93
Max. AC to Battery Efficiency (%) 92
General Data
Dimension (mm) 340Wx198Dx272H
Weight (kg) 9.5 11.1
Cooling Forced air cooling
Operation Temperature Range (°C) 0~45(charge), -20~55(discharge)
Operation Relative Humidity (RH(%)) 0~95, Non condensation
Protection Degree IP20
Noise (dB) <65
Communication Interface Wifi
Display LCD

03 Portable Power Station

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Weight 9.5 kg


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